Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sunny day in Syracuse or precipitation on Peter Island?

I thought that a good question to ask myself today when I stumbled upon this little travel sketch I made while on my honeymoon. This month, my husband and I shared our my 6th wedding anniversary. Looking at this drawing I made while lolling around in the BVI, brought me right back to that November day by the pool. I looked out at the sea and mountains while it misted and rained...for a whole week. A whole week! And all in a place where it supposedly never rains two days in a row, let alone an entire week.

Needless to say, it was still a dream vacation, and I love how the colors of this quick, lively sketch capture the setting, weather, and my feelings at the moment I created it. I'll admit, all the rain made me a tad blue. So fellow travelers, artists and writers, do you sketch or journal to capture your feelings and experiences while on vacation or when you hit the road? What do you get out of it? One thing travel sketches always give me, no matter how much time has passed, is perspective. For example, six years later I experienced a brilliantly sunny fall day here in Syracuse, and while I may not have been sipping a BBC (oh, Bailey's, Banana & Coconut...I dream of you often!) on a private island in the BVI, it was still a GOOD day. And there wasn't a drop of rain...


  1. you are such a talented, amazing artist! love this new blog!

  2. This is beautiful Erin! I want to go!

  3. Nothing brings back the *feeling* of a trip like a sketch. I think that, to draw, you must look deeply at the subject in all its detail and connect with it. That makes the subject "yours" forever. A photo is composed and taken quickly, by comparison, and is less focused on details than on the whole composition, so, for me, there's not the same level of connection.

    One of my favorite sketches is of Ponte Vecchio. I'm not a pro artist and rarely draw, but the very air in Florence whispers inspiration. I just had to whip out a piece of paper and sketch the bridge. 10 years later, that sketch still brings me back to the sounds, sights, smells, and feeling of Florence.

    Your beautiful sketch is full of that *feeling*. Thanks for sharing it.