Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sweets & Treats

Lately I've been working on improving certain aspects of my illustration. I want to become stronger at rendering animals. I also want to get better at drawing faces, and the expressions and emotions they contain. Eventually I'd like to push these into character studies that show a consistency to my work. So, meet my first attempt at an animal/character that enabled me to practice all of those things at once. For the most part, I naturally favor drawing kids, human beings, fairies and the like, but I found it really interesting and fun to work with an animal in this case and at the same time capture that creature's emotions and expressions.

I created this original work for an auction that's going on at my children's school. Here's hoping it's picked up by a family or person who is touched by the gentle, yet formidable, joy that this elephant is compelled to share. As well as the very real joy I experienced creating it. I love to paint and draw. As I heard my daughter's teacher say (in reference to dancing to beautiful classical music. Another true love of mine as well!)..."it makes my heart happy." Illustrating definitely makes my heart happy. Here's hoping that each of you reading this get to do some of whatever makes your own heart happy today.


  1. Erin, I'd love to bid on your elephant, if outsiders are allowed. It would make an awesome gift for my soon-to-be-born (May) grandaughter. My work is in colored pencil (parenting book) and not nearly as happy as your wonderful kid-friendly watercolor. Please, be encouraged to do a zoo-full...and, of course, show us.

  2. Really pretty, Erin. Love your use of color.