Monday, December 7, 2009

Miss SassyFrass

This is another illustration I originally worked up for my You Have a Voice manuscript. She was an alternative drawing to my loud and proud little girl in the header up there. Her gown is modeled after my all-time favorite nightgown when I was a little girl. The gloves are present, because as anyone who ever saw me at a prom knows I love any excuse to wear opera length gloves. She's completely imagined, but what amazes me is how her expression and attitude capture much of my daughters' personalities. I think it's the hands on the hips personally.

Lately in my sketching, I've been exploring body language and doing studies that show characters in deferent poses or positions to showcase a different mood or feeling. For one set of characters who I hope to share with you soon, I really couldn't decide if they should have arms or not. In the end I think I decided to keep the arms since they add a lot to the characters' expressions.

While I originally drew this for another piece, I think I'm going to work on some other ideas using this character. In the meantime I named her Miss SassyFrass. It's the first thing that came to me, and completely subject to change depending on what adventures she encounters or what sort of story develops. I look forward to seeing where she leads me.

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